Waffle-Pad – Belgium Startup’s Culinary Tablet Hybrid: VIDEO

A lot of techies are foodies, but come on now. A new tablet pc that also makes waffles?

Waffle-Pad Screen capture image

This is precisely what a Belgium startup is planning to introduce at next year’s Consumer Electronic Show (CES), according to a video (below) sent to us this morning by an alert reader in the UK. Icon-Nova, based in Brussels, will start beta testing its Waffle-Pad (or, as the firm’s president calls it, GaufrePad) this month and plans to launch the new culinary tab this time next year.

 A “Culinary Tablet PC Hybrid”
“On one side it’s a multi-functional tablet pc running the latest Android operating system,” says the reporter. “On the other, it’s a high tech waffle iron for making authentic Belgium waffles on the go.”  The waffle tab looks to be about the size as a full-sized iPad, except for a fliptop contraption on the back for cooking a wallet-sized waffle. There looks to be an app that automates the process.

Too early to call bullshit on the Waffle-Pad?

Not since the “Triangular Tablet” touted in that episode of The Office has there been such a truly goofy tablet-related concept. But is the Waffle-Pad real? Although I pray that the Waffle-Pad does not become a commercial product, looking at the video of this little device all morning has made me hungry for waffles. But I have to deny myself because I’m on the job. If only there were an easy way one could …… hmmm.

UPDATE: Yes, everybody guessed it. A spoof video. April Fool’s Day came a little early from us. The Waffle-Pad video has had more than 50,000 YouTube views so far. It’s now also on Will Ferrell’s Funny or Die website. Thanks for playing along everybody!  [Note: Except for the short animation sequence,  everything in the video was shot and edited using an iPad 3 (The New iPad).

Joe Hopkins

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