New Google Tablet – Nexus 7 Tab “Best of Class”

Google New Tab Specs

The New Google Tablet comes loaded with Google's new operating system - Android 4.1 "Jelly Bean" OS - has a 7-inch, 1,280-by-800-pixel LCD screen and a Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core processor running at 1.2 GHz. It comes with 1GB of RAM and a choice of 8GB or 16GB of on-board storage. It has a 1.2-megapixel, front-facing VGA camera. GPS, an NFC chip for working with Google's Android Beam services, and an accelerometer for a richer mobile gaming experience.

Google Play Ecosystem


The new Android version 4.1 Jelly Bean OS allows Google's new tablet to access a host of features and performance enhancements. Acquiring content for the new tablet via the Google Play Store app is as easy as it is on the Kindle or iPad. The tablet ships with Google Chrome as its default browser. There's also offline speech recognition and a smart apps update feature.

Google Tablet Design




The Nexus 7 has three basic hardware controls. On its right side are a power/sleep button and a two-stage volume rocker below it (pictured). A microUSB slot and a headphone jack are at the very bottom of the tablet. Everything else is accomplished with Android's on-screen software.  The tablet's rubberized back allows for a firm grip and good in-hand feel.

Nexus 7 Peformance

The Google Nexus tablet's quad core processor, front facing camera, HD screen and other hardware (GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope,12-core graphics subsystem)  are features that have, until now, been found bundled together only on pricier tablets. Google and partner Asus have managed to develop a substantial yet low cost Android Tablet. (photo courtesy of

Google Tab Prices



Those who buy Google's Nexus 7 receive a $25 Play Store credit. The tablet also comes preloaded with a number of free books and videos. The new Nexus 7 is available at Google Play as well as a growing number of retail outlets. The cost is $199 (£159) for eight gigabytes of storage and $249 (£199) for 16 gigabytes.

One of the most anticipated new Android Tablets coming out in 2012 – the Google Nexus 7 – has officially launched. The 7 inch Google Nexus Tab with 8GB capacity has a price of $199 (the same cost as the first generation Kindle Fire} and is currently available for order in the Google Play store as well a number of retail outlets. There’s also a 16 Google-Newxus-7-TabletGB version with a $249 price tag. UK prices will be a reasonable £159 for 8GB onboard storage and £199 for the 16GB model.

Predictably, there are now growing rumors that there will be a 10-inch Google Nexus Tablet, Nexus 10, coming out before the holidays.

The 7 inch Google-branded tab, manufactured by Asus, provides home screen access to the continuously expanding Google Play, the search giant’s online marketplace/ecosystem that the company has developed and quicly grown to compete more directly with Amazon and Apple media stores.

Google reportedly had initially planned a May release date for the new tab, but decided to push it back in order to provide a better tablet for a lower unit cost — the company wanted to reduce the price from $249 to $199, and that meant design changes. If true, then it was worth the wait because the high performance components and features of the Google Nexus 7 truly separate it from other similar sized and priced Android Tabs currently on the market.  The bar has now been raised in the  smaller, lower-priced Android Tablet arena.

Google New Tab Specifications
This new Android tablet from Google sports a sleek (10.45mm thick) design, a nicely shaped bezel surrounding the screen and a rubberized back with a nubbly, dimpled pattern that provides for a good in-hand feel and makes the Nexus 7 Tab easy to grip.Google-Nexust-7-Back Side The new tablet weighs just 340g (0.7 pounds). High performance hardware includes a 1280 x 800 pixel resolution HD (216 pixels per inch) back-lit display measuring 7 inches on the diagonal. A Tegra 3 quad-core processor (a powerful chip usually reserved for higher-priced tablets)  powers the New Tab, and a 12 core GPU. Google says the tablet will give around 9 hours of battery life while playing at 720p HD video. Nice.

The new Google Nexus tablet comes ready for videoconferencing, equipped with a low-resolution front-facing web camera, built-in microphone and bluetooth for headset use. The new Nexus tab also has GPS chips for use with navigation software as well as one for near-field communications.  This allows the tablet to directly communicate with some Android phones and tablets as well as some store payment terminals when the tab is tapped against them.

google-nexus-7-sidefrontThe only features  lacking in the new tab include: no micro SD card slot for expandability/local storage, no back camera for taking photos or videos, and no cellular access. It comes with Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n.

Know What I Mean, Jelly Bean?
The Nexus 7 comes with the latest version of the Android operating system – Android 4.1 “Jelly Bean”. This new OS has been finely tuned to run on this new tablet (and Galaxy Nexus smartphones), representing a significant upgrade for an Android-based tablet, providing a wide variety of new features and performance improvements.  Because the much improved “design polish” of the new OS provides a more consistent user interface and experience, this should also likely lead to better designed third-party apps.

 Tablet Has Gaming Edge

To say that the Google Nexus 7 Tab is a game-enabled Android Tab would be an understatement. It has 1GB of RAM, which provides for a smooth gaming experience.  In addition, its quad-core Nexus Tegra 3 CPU and a 12 core GPU allows developers to finally create complex games for this Android market segment. Gaming developer site Gamasutra reports that Google and Nvidia have both indicated that that several leading game companies are currently developing mobile games optimized for the Tegra 3 CPU, thereby further complimenting the tablet’s new hardware.

Shades of Things to Come?
Only two months ago, the headline for a post by Forbes Contributor Todd Hixon asked, “Are Android Tablets Dead?” Things have looked quite dire nexus-7-logofor the Android Tablet over the past two years, but by the end of his article, Hixon predicted a wave of new, lower-priced products coming out during the fall selling season that could help Android Tablets turn the corner.  With new releases like the new Nexus 7, as well as the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0, he most likely will be proven correct. Given its $199 price, there’s very little to complain about Google’s new tablet. It’s an impressive tab that provides good value.  Hopefully this represents shades of things to come for Android in this increasingly aggressive market.

Update: New Google Nexus 7, 2nd Generation a Winner.

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