Budget App for iPad: 5 to help you track & manage expenses

HomeBudget With Sync


This app lets you track income, expenses, and tells you which bills are due when, along with the balances in your accounts. HomeBudget  features are integrated so that when a bill is paid, it then becomes an expense, which is deducted from your balance.

Mint.com Personal Finance


Along with many other smart features, Mint provides you with "snapshots" of your total outstanding credit card debt compared to your total assets across all of your banking, credit cards,and investment accounts. Personalized updates include streaming delivery of account alerts and bill reminders.

My Weekly Budget


My Weekly Budget helps you stay within your means by updating you on your spending every time you make a purchase. Its simple, easy-to-use interface allows you to immediately see if you are meeting your budget. It is an especially useful App for tracking your discretionary spending.

PageOnce – Money & Bills



In addition to monitoring and tracking your online accounts, this App provides you with an overview of your current financial position – including how much you owe, when bills are due and gives you a transactions history. Additionally, you can receive email alerts and push notifications when bills are due, or if one of your accounts ever becomes overdrawn.

iCompta 2 Personal Finance Lite


iCompta 2 gives you comprehensive tracking and monitoring of accounts and budgets for both individuals and households, tracking each of these using various methods. For the international user, this App supports English, Chinese, French, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Making a home budget and then keeping it is often not an easy task. But with the iPad and a good Budget App, managing your money can now become a little bit easier.

There are a number of great Apps on the market – some of them free Apps – that can serve as your very own personal money and budget organizer. There are many to choose from, so you have plenty of app options to help you track expenses and managing your personal finances. Some popular apps provide for better money management by putting all your spending and expense information in one place, so you can check it at a glance to assist you in making those important budget decisions. Because there are so many budget apps available for iPad available, there has to be one that’s just right for you. Here are five you may find highly useful to you for managing your finances. In addition to the iPad, these IOS Apps are also available for your iPhone.

Mint.com Personal Finance   Free
Mint was first a huge success for the iPhone and now has Mint-Personal-Finance-Appbecome a favorite app for many iPad users. Mint can help you keep a budget with minimal effort. You can use it to analyze your accounts and your spending transactions and see how well you’re keeping with your plan. Goodbye paper lists: Mint even automatically adds transaction information, so you don’t have to do it manually. With Mint, budgets can be created in your account within categories by just tapping on the budget category then tapping the plus sign icon. You can create a budget for either an existing spending category or a new category.
Free Download

HomeBudget with Sync    $4.99Home-Budget-With-Sync-iPad-App
HomeBudget with Sync for the iPad simplifies tracking the family budget.  The term With Sync means users have the capability to sync their budgets over 3G or Wi-Fi, allowing family members to share and use the same specific information. Users can create categories for recurring bills and schedule bill reminders, establish separate checking, savings, cash and credit accounts – and there is also a feature allowing users to attach photos of receipts.
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iCompta 2 Personal Finance   $2,99
iCompta 2 Personal Finance App lets you manage Icompta-2-Finance-App-for-iPadpersonal accounts, schedule bills, chart income and expenses plus manage multiple accounts by organizing them into groups. You set up budgets to track income and expenses on a periodic basis and the app also helps you manage shared expenses. It displays transactions and reports, there’s a statistics screen so you can compare data, and the App provides full sync with your Mac.
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My Weekly Budget    $0.99
My Weekly Budget  is a simple iPad app that helps you My-Weekly-Budget-Appkeep track of spending so you can meet your budget goals by focusing week-to-week on your spending patterns. MyWB allows you to focus on a spending target for the week. By focusing each week on keeping within your set spending amount,  this can help you meet your budget and save you money over time. This App’s goal is to help you manage your spending with minimal effort and is sufficiently flexible to allow you to customize features to meet your needs. It also provides a brief end-of-week summary to show you how well you are meeting your spending goal.
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PageOnce — Money & Bills    Free
PageOnce – Money & Bills App organizes and tracks all Page-Once-Personal-Finance-Appyour money and bills automatically on your iPad — pay your bills, organize, and track your bills, credit cards, cash and investments. And with the Pro version, you can even track your airline frequent flyer miles and rewards. This App will give you alerts and reminders of upcoming bills that will soon be due. By downloading  transactions from your bank and credit card providers, it also provides you with a handy a dashboard view of your spending. With PageOnce Money & Bills you can pay your credit card, utility, cable, cell phone, and other bills “on the go.”
Free Download

Suggestion: Try the free Apps first and see what you think. If they’re not quite what you’re looking for, then go ahead and invest a little money in one the others.

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